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Where Do We Go From Here?

UPDATE: Since this story was posted, the second executive order was halted nationwide by a federal ruling. With a new executive order suspending the refugee resettlement program for 120 days, among other measures, KRM will welcome no new families during …

Meet Mohamad

On the day President Trump’s executive order suspended refugee arrivals, indefinitely banned Syrian refugees, and reduced fiscal year arrivals from 110,000 to 50,000, we talked to Mohamad Alkenss to hear what he thought.

A family from Syria arrives in Kentucky

How You Can Support Refugees

UPDATE: Since this story was posted, there has been another executive order suspending the refugee resettlement program. This was subsequently challenged in US courts and halted nationwide. Still, our work continues. Join us on this journey. Read the original post …

DeMarko Murphy & Abraham Mwinda are the first guests on our radio show

Bluegrass Refugee Voices

Our Lexington office, in partnership with Lexington Community Radio, has started a radio program in the hopes of advocating for the resettlement of refugees and introducing the Lexington community to the unique and gifted individuals being resettled. Bluegrass Refugee Voices …


Why You Should Hire a Refugee

In your business, you strive for economic competitiveness, workforce development and diversity, and a healthy local economy. That’s why hiring a refugee could be the right decision for you. Work Ethic Refugees bring personal initiative, skills and a strong work …