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Physical and mental health are impacted by the trauma of fleeing home and landing in a new country. KRM receives medical information before refugees arrive in the United States, allowing special medical caseworkers and the mental health coordinator to prepare services. Upon the refugees’ arrival to Kentucky, KRM coordinates comprehensive medical services built on the foundation of trauma informed care, cultural competency, client advocacy, and client empowerment. Further, KRM collaborates with refugees’ family in the U.S., volunteer groups, interpreters, and community health workers to schedule and attend appointments, ensuring clients understand and comply with treatment.

Physical Health

Services include:

  • Initial orientation and support to navigate the U.S. medical system
  • Scheduling refugee health screenings with trained, local clinics
  • Coordinating follow-up referrals with community providers
  • Educating refugee clients so they can maintain health care follow-up on their own

Special medical caseworkers collaborate with local agencies and providers such as Kynect, Medicaid, Managed Care Organizations such as Passport Health Plan, and various clinics such as Family Health Centers, University of Louisville Vaccine and International Health and Travel Center (the 550 Clinic), and Home of the Innocents Open Arms Clinic, among others.

Many chronic conditions clients have not treated due to a lack of or interruption to care in their protracted refugee situations, whether in camps or urban settings. KRM works to encourage ongoing medical care, which can be delayed or interrupted as families participate in numerous appointments, enroll in school, and begin employment.

Mental Health & Wellness

Services include:

  • Referral/coordination of community mental health services
  • Culturally-specific community support and education groups
  • Victim’s advocacy programming
  • Case management with clients who have more significant mental health issues
  • Coordinating bi-monthly mental health provider workgroup within the Louisville Metro area
  • Providing professional trainings on cultural competency and working with interpreters to community agencies
  • Increase access to more holistic activities for improved wellness, such as yoga, hiking, on-site support groups, sewing, and more

To contact KRM’s program staff regarding health & wellness services, please see the staff page.