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KRM Partners Campaign

Campaign Goal: $500,000.00

Amount Raised: $430,642.80

The work continues. Join us on the journey.

KRM has been welcoming refugees to Kentucky for over 27 years. Our work enriches our state because refugees bring their skills, cultures, and dreams to their new Kentucky home.

Your donation to the inaugural KRM Partners campaign will protect our work to provide refugees safety and the opportunity to rebuild. You can support vital resettlement services, and your gift also ensures newcomers receive long-term employment support, youth and young adult education programs, immigration legal services, and more from KRM. Learn more about the impact of your gift.

The campaign will run until December 31, 2017, and our goal is to raise $500,000. You can see a list of our current KRM Partners below the donation form on this page. Thank you!

Update: January 2018

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the KRM Partners campaign! We are finalizing figures and will soon share an update with our total amount raised and the full list of KRM Partners.


Please let us know in the ‘comments’ section of the form if you wish to remain anonymous.
Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Inc., is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

thank you, KRM Partners!

The individuals, faith communities, fundraiser events, and businesses listed below have joined KRM Partners by contributing to our fundraising campaign. Thank you for your partnership.

Donate $25,000 or More

davis & stacie marksbury

Donate $10,000 – $24,999

Kristin davis
joseph & Edie norris
dominique Olbert
Jane & Wayne Parker
Steve Zahn

Donate $5,000 – $9,999


Donate $1,000 – $4,999

Anchorage Presbyterian Church
Anthem Medicaid
Beargrass Christian Church
Berea College
Betsy Kopitzke Memorial Fund
Sara and Brian Ceresa
Christ Church United Methodist Fund
Daryld Christman
Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc.
Crossroads Christian Church
Daniel Family Foundation
Deer Park Baptist Church
Lucas Elliott

Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Facebook’s Network For Good
First Christian Church, Danville
Katherine Fishback
Therese and Glenn Flood
Linda Freeman
Elizabeth Kaznak-Hall and Mike Hall
Eric and Julie Hansen
Mary Ellen and Rick Harned
Ohavay Zion Synagogue
Joseph Will Oldham
Kristan Milam
Open Door Church
Tripp and Claire Palmer

Ashley Parker
Jill and Mike Puckett
Schaefer General Contracting Services
Elizabeth Schaff
Signs 4, LLC
William Smith
Springdale Presbyterian Church
Ken Stammerman
Patricia Swope
Sue Vislisel
The Maplewood Foundation
Venu Vemuri
Walnut Hill Church & Bluegrass Cycling Club
Woodland Christian Church

Donate $500 – $999

Muktar Ahmed
Barbara Beard
Josh Bentley
Berea Interfaith Task Force for Peace
Carol and James Brees
Ellen Chapman
Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church
David Burruss
Cynthia M. Campbell
Ruth Carrico
John David Connelly
Amy & Kevin Coultas
Virginia Cox Evans
Crestwood Christian Church
Samuel Dodge
Stephen Dove
Neal Dunlap
Duplicator Sales
First Christian Church, Winchester
Frankfort Interfaith Council
James and Michelle Gardner

Harvey Browne Memorial Presbyterian Church
John Herzfeld
Robert and Mary Hetzel
Elizabeth Howell and Justin Boldt
Kentucky Housing Corporation
Kristan Kinkead
Ramy Khalil
Saleha Khan
Kroger Community Rewards Program
Nancy Kuppersmith
Adam Levine
LG&E and KU
Valerie Maron
Janette and Steve McCabe
Ben McMillan
Kurt Metzmeier
Julia Neumann
Djenita Pasic
Passport Health Plan
Julie and Imad Peteet

Kathi Peterson
Howard and Dee Reynolds Foundation at Blue Grass Community Foundation
Don Richter
Diane Ryan
Lisa Shugoll
Sidney Anderson Foundation, Inc.
The gralehaus Syrian Dinner Nights
Trinity Episcopal Church
Trustees & Council of the Episcopal Diocese of KY
V. V. Cooke Foundation
Valentine Family Charitable Fund
Versailles Presbyterian Church
Gary and Melodie Vitale
Natalie Walker
Lissa Wathen
Veronica Wunderlich
Wundsiedel Project

Donate Up to $499

Robert Abrams
Jean Abshire
Manju Ahuja
Chenoweth and Tyler Allen
Kirk and Jean Alliman
Seamus Allman
Altman Insurance Services
Beth Anderson
Margaret Anderson
Baelea Andreotta
MacLeod Andrews
Angie Andriot
Jamie Aramini
Helen and Daryl Arend
Christine Arnettin In Honor Of Sierra
John and Nancy Arndt In Honor Of Galadriel Olbert-Stamm
Michael Arvin
Jasmine Ashton
Nazenin Assef
Kevin and Preston Ausbrook In Honor Of Galadriel Olbert-Stamm
AVM Publications, LLC
Chase Ayres
Elizabeth Back In Honor Of The Puckett Family
Les and Nora Baker
Sean and Calene Baldwin
Carolyn Barbera
Stephanie Barnett
Andrew Bartlett
Jim and Beverly Bartlett Turner
Mary Barton
Kathleen S. Bean and Robert D. Kotheimer
Jane Beck
Jared Beek
Bradley Berron
John W. Bianchi
Erin Biery
Birthcare Network of Kentuckiana, Inc.
Chris Bischoff
Barbara Bonner
Julie Borders
Bethany Borgemenke
Marigny Bostock
Elizabeth Boswell
Bowden & Wood, PLLC
Linda and Spencer Boyer
Sara Branham
Christine Brewer
Pat Bricker
Bettye Briggs
Broadhurst Williams Family
Mamie Broadhurst
Amy Brockman
Connie and Mike Brooks
Elizabeth Dabney Brown
Andrew Buckley
David Buckley
Gary Buhrow
Susan Buhrow In Honor Of Rachel Whiteheart
Bruce Burton
Calls LLC
Kaye Cambron
Chona Camomot
Patricia Canon
Kate Carlisle
Paul T. Carney
Emily Cash
Molly Casteel
Paul and Diana Carney
Suzanne Chami
Cathy Chatfield
Betsy and Russell Cherry
Michael Childress
Lynda Clark
Mickey and Sandy Clark
Robert and Diane Clark
Sara Clayton In Honor Of Zeid & Olivier Ferchichi
Jim Clements
Corey and Shari Cohen
Liz Cole
William and Rita Collins
Christine Cook
Gary and Sandra Cook
Virginia Copley
Patricia Cox
Lynn Cralle
Toni E. Crawford Charitable Fund
Jason and Kate Crosby
David Cross
Robert and Mary Curran
Margaret Dahmer
Mary Ann Dalton
Leslie Daly
Jenni Danehy
Jennifer De La Jara
Ryan Deitel
Deming Malone Livesay & Ovstroff
Trevor Dering
Edith and Garth Deskins
E. Dale Dewberry
Sarah Dewberry
Angela and Russ Ditsler
Ditsler Insurance Agency, LLC
Laura Dixon
David Dobson
Kenneth Doerhoefer
Susan Dognaux
Ellen Doolittle Oost
Krista and William Drescher-Burke
Cindy Droste
Laura Lea Duckworth In Honor Of Ellen and Scott Welham
Bernadette Dues
Joan Dunnigan
Judy Earp
Mark Eclov
Dustin Edge
Mukesha Eduigeyou
John Edward and Carol Ruzic
Kristi Edwards
Virgnia Eklund
Jaseena Elikkottil
El Kentubano
Jane Elliot
Emerging Artists Group
Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky
Edith Ethridge
Paige F.
Facilities Management Services
Family Health Centers
Patricia Fantoni
Phillip Farmer
Elise Fazio
William and Emily Felhoelter
Marilyn Ferris
Debbie Finkel
First Christian Church of Louisville KY
First Christian Church, Shelbyville
First Presbyterian Church
Jamie Fitzwater
Jody and Lee Fletcher
James Florence
Tommy and Cecilia Floyd
Deborah Fortel
Kevin and Janelle Foster
Charles Fothergill
Maile Fowler
Justin Fowles
Keri Foy
Jill Fox In Honor Of Frances Fox
Brett and Paul Fiedman
Sherry Frances
Jessica Francis
Ian Friley
Drs. Francis Todd Gardner and Kathryn Mershon
GE United Way Campaign
GE Appliances Giving Campaign
Margaret Gardiner
Angela Garner In Honor Of Dr. and Mrs. Charlie Papp
Mary Garris
Janet Gerber
Nancy Geltman
Rick Gersony
Joyce Giaquinta
Peter Giaquinta
Gail Gilbert
Richard and Julia Gilbert
Tommy Gleason
Lisa Goldberg
Patricia Golden
Nancy Goodhue
J. Andrew Goodman
Chris Gorman
Nancy Goulson

Derek Gray
Jessica Gray
Jan Grayson
Greater Horizons
Peyton Gregory
Carol Griffitt
Ben Grimes
Laurie Grimes
Katherine Grindon
Robert Goodknight
Jennifer and Todd Guelda
Rebecca Guthrie
Ian Hafley
Stephanie Hall
Edwin and Christine Hall
Lisa Hall
Allison Hammons
Patricia and Christopher Haragan
Richard Glenn Harden
Daniel Hardt In Honor Of Diane Yoder
Jerry Hardt and Diane Yoder
Owen C. Hardy
Sarah Hardy
Cheri Harper
Casslyn Harris
Harry Potter Trivia Night at Lynagh’s Irish Pub
Mary Hartsek
Highland Mothers Club
Deanna Hipwell
Michael and Serena Hirn
Bridget Hittepole
Lisa Hoffman
Linda Hoffman
Kathleen and P. Hiram Hogg
James Holden
Gwen Holland
Sara and Brian Holland
George Holmes
Anne and Nicholas Holmes
Jamie Homeister
Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International
Hopewell Presbyterian Church
James Horn
Kimberly Hosea
Mary Hoy On Behalf Of Craig Harman
Jim Hubert
Danver Hudson, Jr.
Humana Foundation Giving Together Matching Gift Program
Hunter Presbyterian Church
Sarah Hunter
Jody Hurt
IBM Employee Services Center
Hsain Ilahiane
Abraham Ikando
Kerry Isham
Amanda Jack
James Jackson
Uday Arun Jain
Carter Jay
Alison Jenkins
Gregory Jenkins
Amy Jennings In Honor Of Brian Perry
Michael Jennings
Alec Johnson
Beth and Tim Jolly
Helen H. Jones
Susan Jones
Maria Jones
Angie Jury
Theresa Kaplan
Caitlin Karaffa
Margaret Karman In Honor Of Tracy McCalpin
Ben C. Kaufman
Alicia Kazee
Bob Keisler
Linda Kelley
Lisa Kemper In Honor of Michael G. Kemper
Michael King
Jacqueline Kingsolver
David and Susan Kinny
Roberta Kirby
Michael Kirk
James Kirk
David Klaphaak
W. Mark Koenig
Phil Kollin
Richard Kopitzke
Linda Korfhage
Pat Kralik
Phyllis Krall
Melissa Kratzer
Kaitlyn Kubitskey
Megan Kuhn In Honor Of Sara Ferchichi
Diane Kyle
Michael Lambert
Laura Ladenwich
Ted Ladewski
Cynthia Latta
Daniel Lau
Ryan Lawson
Brian and Cynthia Lee In Honor Of Galadriel Olbert-Stamm
Lexington Friends Meeting
Janine Linder
Abigail Link
David Link
Alice Little
Dotti and Bob Lockhart
Karen Long
Kenneth Loomis
Amelia Lorrey
Gloria H. Luber
Lucky’s Market
Kayla Lutes
Douglas Magee
Martha Makela
Modeste Malipo
Janine Malone
Janet Margerum
Joanna and Erich Marks
Anne Maron
Jackie Marrs
Ida Martin
Mary Kay Martin
Michael and Rhonda Martin
Sarah Martin
Kenneth and Sandra Mason
Chris Massey
Aubri Masterson
Kathryn Matchuny
Margaret McBrien
William McConnell, Jr.
Ellen McCoskey
Laura McCrea
Christine McFalls
Richard McFarland
Andrew McIntosh
Christopher McNeil
Anna McQuere
Amanda Meade
Herbert Meister
Gisele Mellen
Kathy Melvin
Christa Mendes
Afshan Meraj
Marilyn Meredith
Sandra and Omer Metel
Middletown Christian Church
Paula Miller
Karen Miller
Angie Milliner
Amy Montana
Sandra Moon
Jennifer Moore
Morales Group, Inc.
Sharron  Morgan
Lynn Motley
Anncoury Mulloy
Jim and Anne Murray
H. Michael Nash
Khawla Nasser AlDeen
Sherba C. Nelson
Janna Neltner
Lisa and Robert Nesmith
Sharon Nesmith
Bill and Roberta Nesmith
Norton Healthcare
John and Emily Odom
Tucker Oldham
Wanda Olive
Ann O’Malley Shake
Jane Oroark
Laura Ospital
Our Lady Redeemer Lutheran Church
Glenn Ow
Jean Owens
Larry and Lois Owsley

“Painting with Friends” at Pinot’s Palette Fundraiser
Kelley Parker
Lauren Parks
Reid B. Paxton
Edward and Judith Pearsall
James Penny
Jason and Elizabeth Pitman In Honor Of Galadriel Olbert-Stamm
Helene R. Perkins
Katherine Peterson
Joseph Phelps
Pogue Rental Properties, LLC
Angela Poe
Martha Polk
Molly M. Pollock
Ken Pratt
Dolores Pregliasco
Jeffery Pribble
Becky and Doug Pyle In Honor Of Molly and Jack Baker
David Pyle
Paul and Pamela Pyle In Honor Of Molly and Jack Baker
Janet Raderer
Donald Ralph
Shafiyeh H. Rasoulo
Pamela Ratcliffe
Ratterman & Sons, Inc.
Steve and Molly Rauh
Jennifer Recktenwald and Tony Peyton
Matthew Reddell
Katherine Redmond
Mary Reed
Nancy B. and John S. Reed
Linda Reel
Jessica Reese
Richard Reisser
Pamela Sue Repp
Megan Resch
Tina and Charles Rhudy
Lauren Rister
River Valley Christian Church Bible Study Group
Ursula Robertson Moore
Monique Robinson
Alex Roma
Lindsey and Eric Ronay
Randy and Brenda Rosen
Richard Roush
Noel Rueff
Steve and Kathleen Rungwerth
John Russ and Cheryl Ungerleider
Crystal Sahner
Jacque Saltsman
Terry and Anne Sams
Anne Sanders
Jason Sauer
Marsha Schamel
Robert Scheff
Hope Schiphorst
Margaret Schmidt
Schneider Electric North America Foundation Matching Gift
Marilyn Schorin
Schrodt Art Studio, Inc.
Marcie Schwartz
Bruce Scott
Lindsay Scott
Maryann Scrivener
Donald Seeger
Lewis P. Seiler, Jr.
Rachel Segretto
The Sevigny Family Charitable Foundation
Gregory Shade
Carolyn Sheldon
Jennifer Shore
Anna Shrader
Jennifer Siegenthaler
Claire Simms
Nancy and Terry Singer
Dena Skees In Honor Of Melodie Vitale
Hannah Sloan
John Smithwick
Melody Kay Smithwick
Mart Jo Snider
Mitchell Snider
Joern B. Soltau
Susan Spalding
Danielle Spalenka
Mrs. Spencer
Spencer Land Surveying
Leslie Spetz
Janice Sprow
St. Agnes
St. Martha’s Episcopal Church
St. Williams Church
Nellie Stallings
Carroll Steele
Stella’s Kentucky Deli
Katherine Stephens
Sallie Stevens
Pamela Stevenson
Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC
Steven Stratford
K. N. and Richard Stuedle
Timothy and Sue Sunkel
JoAnne Taheri
Shaheda Taji
Justin Tapp
Target Corporation Grant
Katherine Taylor
K. G. Taylor
Azra Terzich
The $100 Solution & University of Kentucky Partnership
The Silver Dollar
Jacqueline Thomas
Darcy Thompson
Lisa Thompson
Patrick Tierney
Ellen Tillier In Honor Of Galadriel Olbert-Stamm
Jean Tucker
Lonnie Turner
Nicholas Turner
Madelyn Twyman
Jane Tyler
Barbara and Gregory Uligian
Charles Ullrich
Verna Ung
Laura Vettraino
Anthony and Marie Vitale
Elizabeth Vitale In Honor Of Margaret Lawrence
Emily Vitale
Brian Vowels
Susan Vuturo
Barbara Wade
Patricia Waggener
Laura Wagner
Leon Wahba
Bonnie and Jim Walker
Robert Walsh
Catherine Ward
Bryan Warren
Deborah Webb
Megan Weiss
Rachel Weiss
Lee and Al Welsh
Sheila and Patrick Welsh
Kimberly Werst
James Whitaker
Susan Whistler In Honor Of John M. Seyal
Leslie White
Gerry-Lynn Wichmann
Janelle Wichmann
William Wideman
Laura Wiley
Bronwyn Williams
Emory Williamson
Brittany Williamson
Rick Williamson
Wm. B. Willingham
Wilmore Free Methodist Church
Andrea and Randall Wilson
John Wilson
Mary and Orme Wilson
Julius P. Wong
Steve Worful
Madelyn Worley
Greg Wright
Carol and Bill Young
John D. Young
William W. Young, Jr.
Laura Younkin
Susan G. Zepeda
Cynthia Zumbiel

The list above includes supporters who donated during our KRM Partners campaign between August 1 and December 31, 2017. If there are corrections, contact Marissa Mason, Community Engagement and Development Specialist: or (502) 479-9180 ext 544. We appreciate your support and we will be following up with you to offer a small token of our appreciation. Learn more.

You can also see who joined us on the journey as KRM Partners in our 2016 Annual Report.

Other ways to give

Give by Mail

If you prefer, you may mail your donation to KRM’s offices. Please make checks payable to Kentucky Refugee Ministries and mail to:

Kentucky Refugee Ministries
969-B Cherokee Rd
Louisville, KY 40204

Kentucky Refugee Ministries – Lexington
1710 Alexandria Drive, Suite 2
Lexington, KY 40504

Amazon Smile

Support KRM when you do your online shopping on Register your Amazon account and select Kentucky Refugee Ministries as the recipient organization. Amazon then donates 0.5% of your eligible purchases to support KRM’s mission.

Kroger Community Rewards

Each time you restock on groceries at Kroger, you can support refugees, too. Enroll your Kroger Plus Card online and select Kentucky Refugee Ministries as the recipient organization. The KRM Lexington office ID number is 11375 and the KRM Louisville office ID number is 80983.

Questions about contributing financially or do you have a fundraiser idea? Please contact us. Thank you!