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thank you, 2018 KRM Partners!

The individuals, faith communities, fundraiser events, and businesses listed below have joined KRM Partners in 2018. Thank you for making KRM more community-supported. Together, you raised $635,106.83 to make Kentucky home!

If you would like to learn more, visit our Partners page to see KRM’s Annual Reports and a list of institutional and government partners who have joined the journey.

Donation of $25,000 or More

Kentucky Chapter of the U.S. Bartender’s Guild

Donation of $10,000 – $24,999

Ambassador Matthew Barzun and Brooke Brown Barzun
First Presbyterian Church Concerts, Lexington
Louisville Ballet
Northeast Christian Church
Dominique Olbert
Wayne and Jane Parker
Peter Rutledge
Sweat4Syria 5k Race/Walk Fundraiser

Donation of $5,000 – $9,999

Beth Clark
The Bonnie Family Foundation
Brown-Forman Corporation
Camp Hi-Ho Scholarship Fund
Christ Church United Methodist
Church of Christ Union
duPont Manual High School, Class of 2017

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Highland Baptist Church
Highland Presbyterian Church
The Jewish Heritage Mitzvah Fund, Inc.
Lancaster + Vintage
Davis and Beverly Marksbury
Michael and Chandra Rudd Foundation
Joe and Edie Norris
Caroline Reid Walker Memorial Fund*
Springdale Presbyterian Church
Terry Singer Landscaping Fundraiser*
Ken Stammerman and Sue Green
Sue Vislisel

Donation of $1,000 – $4,999

Alpha Phi Omega Alumni Association
Anchorage Presbyterian Church
The Black Sheep’s 3rd Annual “Wool Cup”
Beargrass Christian Church
Bradley Berron
Jane Brake
Edith Bingham
John and Lindsey Birnsteel
Justin Boldt and Elizabeth Howell
Carol and James Brees
James Graham Brown Foundation
Calvary Episcopal Church
Cherokee Triangle Association, Inc.
Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church
Daryld Christman
Jackie and Wes Cobb
The Rev. Cn Amy Real Coultas and Kevin Coultas
The Donna Craig Family
Jean and Gene Cravens
Crestwood Christian Church
CrossRoads Ministry
Daniel Family Foundation

Doodles by Rebekah
E. E. Murray Family Foundation
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Matt & Patricia Fain Foundation
First Alliance Church
First Christian Church, Shelbyville
Mayor Greg Fischer and Dr. Alexandra Gerassimides
Jamie Fitzwater
James Gardner
Grupo Antolin Kentucky, Inc.
Hannah Knudsen
Augusta Brown Holland Philanthropic Foundation
Hopeful Church
Michael Jennings
The Judge Family
Liz Kaznak-Hall and Mike Hall
Kentucky Bar Association
Jim King
Kroger Community Rewards Program
Lucky’s Market Bags For Change Fundraiser
Daniel Mallek
The Maplewood Foundation
Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church
Jenny Miles
Morales Group, Inc.
Joseph W. Oldham
Tripp and Claire Palmer
Passport Health Plan
The Presbyterian Church of Danville
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A)
Josh Radnor
Raymond James United Way Campaign
Dr. and Mrs. Renda
Paula Schoenhoff
Schrader Commercial Properties
Second Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Janet Teel
Temple Shalom
Trustees & Council of the Episcopal Diocese of KY
Walnut Hill/Bluegrass Cycling Club Event
Wilmore Free Methodist Church
Colleen and Jim Wilson
Woodland Baptist Church

Donation of $500 – $999

Altman Insurance Services
Angie and Pete Andriot
Sean and Calene Baldwin
Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church
Jennifer Barricklow
Jim and Beverly Bartnett Turner
Barbara Beard
Lindsay Bell
Charles Belle
Peter Bennett in honor of Laura Cullen
Kristen and Perry Bentley
Megan and Josh Bentley
Barry Bizot, MD, Memorial Fund
Ann Blaylock Bacon
Bowden & Wood, PLLC
Broadway Baptist Church
Philip Buckman
Buechel United Methodist Church
Rachel Busse
Jeff and Susan Callen Family Charitable Fund
Cynthia Campbell and James Holper
Diane Cashen
Charlie Casper
Greg and Susan Cohen
Centre College
The Coopers’ Sean Totsch Cleat Raffle
Allan Courtney
David Cross and Amy Elswick
Ditsler Insurance Agency, LLC

Stephen Dove
Ebenezer Presbyterian Church
Linda and Bill Ellison
Episcopal Retirement Services
First Presbyterian Church
Gail Gilbert
Greek Ladies Philoptochos Society, Ch. 7004
Eleanor and Owen Hardy
Mary Ellen and Rick Harned
Heidi and Frank Hilliard
Patricia Henninger
John Herzfeld
Holy Grale – Pour It Forward Fundraiser
Pamela Hricenak
Immanuel United Church of Christ
Alison Jenkins
Angie Jury
Jennifer Kennedy
Saleha and Zaka Khan
Steve Knudsen
LFUC Human Rights Commission
LG&E and KU
Janette and Steven McCabe
Garrett McGrady
Mid-Kentucky Presbytery
Christina Milner
Jenny Minier
Farzin Mitchell
Jennifer Moore
Maggie Morris’s “Dancing with the Prospect Stars” Fundraiser
H. Michael Nash
Paul Neumann
Norton Healthcare
Open Door Church
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Julie and Imad Peteet
Nathan and Lori Petrie
Platinum Travel
Pisgah Presbyterian Church
Ann Price Davis
Mike and Jill Puckett
Donald Ralph
Howard and Dee Reynolds Foundation
Drs. Marilyn Robie and Arthur Shechet
Thaddeus Salmon III
Second Presbyterian Church, Lexington
Brian L. Stanfield
Stoll Keenon Ogden, PLLC
Eleanor Sutter
Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington
Unity Baptist Church of Bullitt County, Inc.
Temple Adath Israel
Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church
Natalie Walker
Timbul Wardoyo
UPS/United Way Employee Giving Program
Brian and Deana Vowels
Watkins United Methodist Church

Donation of up to $499

Jean Abshire
A Cup of Common Wealth Foundation
Alice Adams
Lisa Adkins
Adkins Family Foundation
Hanaa Aljizani
Chris and Liz Alkire
Chenoweth and Tyler Allen
Frances Allen
Kirk and Jean Alliman
Seamus Allman
American Online Giving Foundation, Inc.
Beth Anderson
Ann Stewart Anderson
MacLeod Andrews
Anonymous in honor of Karim Samadi
Anonymous on behalf of Will Oldham
Antz, Inc.
Ray Archer
Daryl and Helen Arend
John W. Arnett
Michael Arvin
Nazenin and Saeed Assef
Ada Asenjo
Jasmine Ashton
Bethany Atkins
Atomic Ramen, LLC
Jennifer Austgen
AVM Publications, LLC
Rick Axtell
Daniel Bahls
Daisy Baker
Jack and Miriam Baker in honor of Emily Warren and family
Justin Balcor
Justin P. Banks
Balance & Brews: Lexington Branch
Carolyn and Bob Barbera
Frank and Diane Barefield, Jr.
Brent Barger
Amy Barker
Kate and Stephanie Barnett
Evalyn and Lilla Barnwell
Steven Baron
Kathy and Hal Baumann
Kevin S. Beale
Lorne Belden
Angelique Bell in memory of Carolyn Dishman Bell
James Bennett
Berea College
Amy Berge
Rodolfo and Connie Bernal
Kelli Bernedo
Chris Bertram
Amy Bessin
Gregory Best
Sue Biasiolli
Nicole Bichir
Henry Birkhimer
Chris Bischoff
Amy Bishop
John Bishop
Beth Bissmeyer
Joanne Bizot
Lynn Black
Bob and Susan Blanchett
David Blanton
Keith and Molly Blasing in honor of T.J. and Carolyn Blasing
Blue Stallion Brewing Company Fundraiser
Beth Boesche-Taylor
Dr. Leigh and Ellen Bond in honor of Mike Puckett
Maddie Boohner
Marigny Bostock
Leah Gayle Bourne
Deana L. Bowling
Joan Brennan
Heather Brock
Cathy Brown
Kimberly Brown
Marigny Bostock
Zach Bramel
Benjamin Braun
Patricia Bricking
Joseph Brock
Lucie Brooks
Robert Brousseau
Betty Dabney Brown
Martha Brown
Maria Brown
Charlene and Grant Buckles
David Buckley
Allison Burkholder in honor of Joe and Edie Norris
Mary Bryan
Randal and Susan Bryant
Adam Buckman
Bruce Burton
James Bush and Kelly Telech
Beverly Byrum
Sara and Dan Callaway
Patricia Canon
Gilson Capilouto
Lee Cantrel
Luis Cardenas
Paul T. Carney and Diana Dinicola
Nancy Carpenter
Lance and Lacy Carroll
Anetta Carter
Ben Carter
Ted Carter
Michael and Nichole Carter
Ricky Case
Mary Ellen Cassidy
Marissa Castellanos
Centre College STAND Fundraiser
Jacqueline Chandler
Jennifer Romine Chandler
Kathy Chastain Leon
Cathy Chatfield
Anne Childress
Michael Childress
Crystal Christopher
Sandra Chou
Citizens Concerned for Human Relations, Inc.
Barbara Clark
James and Mary Clark
Dorothy Clark Van Meter
Jim and Geralyn Clements
Barbara Clewett
Connie Coartney
Anna Coatney
Christopher Cobb
Klaus Cobb
Matthew and Leigh Cocanougher
Corey and Shari Cohen
Hallie Coatney
Robert Collins in honor of Carol Collins
ColorPoint, LLC
Columbia Gas of Kentucky
Pamela Conway
Christine and Larry Cook
Cynthia and Bradley Coomes
Ryan Cooper
Preston Cory in honor of Lee Troutman
Charles Coulston
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
Anita Courtney
Lynn Cralle
Sylvia Cravens
Toni E Crawford Charitable Fund
Alison Cromer
Jason and Kate Crosby
Geoff Crowe
James Crowley
Jayne Culp and Bill Sudduth
Aaron Cunningham
Amy R. Currie
Joyce DeAth
Leah Dahline
Timothy Darst
Cheryl Davis
Kariana Dear
Robert Decker
Jacqueline DeCroo
Lisa DeLorenzo
Carolyn Dennis in honor of Elizabeth Schaaf
Edith and Garth Deskins
Tom DiBello
Dana Dichiara
Mary Dickerson
Alexandra Dietrich
David Doehnert
Ashley Donahey
Heather Dotson
Theodore Doucette
Carolyn Downey
Krista Drescher-Burke and William Burke
Cindy Droste
Bernadette Dues
The Dunaway Family
Neal Dunlap
duPont Manual National Honor Society
Jordyn Eades
Dustin Edge
Donna Eggett
Kurt Egner
Curtis Ehrmantraut in honor of Dabney Parker
Virginia Eklund
Elkhorn Association WMU
Lucas Elliott
Tony Ellis
R.T. and Emily Ellsworth
Emmerich Muzic Realty on behalf of Brian and Carrie Ray
Pace Cooke Emmons
Frances Englander
Jill Erwin
Kenneth Farrell
Robin Fankhauser
Stephanie Federico
Rebecca Feller
Elizabeth Fennell
Sara Ferchichi
Ginger Figg
Debbie Finkel
Kevin and Renee Finnegan
Susan Finney
Raphael Finkel and Beth Goldstein
First Christian Church, Shelbyville
Barbara Fischer
Fischer Fund
Elizabeth Fitzgibbons and Danny Slaton
Tyler Fleming
Anna Fletcher in honor of Emily Jones
Josephine G. Fletcher
Ninfa Floyd
Deborah Fortel
David Fortener
Beverly and Bill Fortune
Charles and Ann Fothergill
Keri Foy
Kristin Frederick
Christiana French
Beth Friedman
Brett and Paul Friedmann
Melissa Fuller
Mark Ganchiff
Will and Jennifer Garcia
Angela Garner
Mary and Jeremy Garris
Elijah and Noah Garris
Garrison Family Foundation
Ann Garrity
Karla Gaynor
Wayne Gebb
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Joyce Giaquinta
Carla Gilbert
Kent Gilbert
William Gilbert
Anikka Gillispie
Amy Glasscock in memory of Francine Nyamahigwe
Will Glasscock
Charlotte Caudill Glockner
Thomas Gleason

William Glover
Penina Goldstein
Kathey Golightly Sanders
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Bob Goodknight
Chris Goodwin
Cristin Goodwin
Deborah Goonan
Kelly Gore
Nancy Goulson
Jessica Gray
Great Flood Brewing Company, Trivia Night
Great Hearts Initiative
Carol Griffitt
Ben and Patricia Griffith
Claudia Grisanti
David Grise
Vanessa Grossl
Jennifer and Todd Guelda
Rebecca Guthrie
John Guthrie
Michael Haick
Amanda Hale
Deborah A. Hall
Luke Hall
Eric and Julie Hansen
Christopher Haragan
Libby Hardy
Marcia Harlow
Casslyn Harris
Leslie Hartness
John Haskins II
Julia Hass
Lauren Hasselbacher
Cydney Hawkinsholt
Robert and Laura Hawley
Thelma and Jeffrey Hayes
Jessica Hays Lucas
Amy and Greg Henderson
Marsha Hennig
Harold Hensley
Lisa Henry
Henry Clay High School World Club
Casandra Hernandez
Lynn Heumann
Highland United Methodist Church
Evans and Stephanie Hilbert
Carol and Robb Hille in honor of Amy Hille Glasscock
Michele Hines, M.D.
Bridget Hittepole
Hannah Hodges in honor of Brian Perry
Lisa Hoffman
Wyndee Holbrook
Sara and Brian Holland
Eleanor Holliday
Jason Hope
James Horn
Kimberly Hosea
Erica House
Dwayne and Susan Howell
Eric Hughes
G. Edward Hughes
Stephen and Cynthia Hughes
Linda Humphrey
Katie Hurst in honor of Denny M. Goode
Hurstbourne Baptist Church
IBM Employee Services Center
Immanuel Baptist Church
Jay Ingle
Brenda Isaacs
Raymond Isenhour
Amanda Jack
Michael Jacobsen
Uday Arun Jain
Catherine Jampel in honor of Margot Raicek and Alex Simon
Jeffries Group LLC
Jeffersontown Christian Church
Jill and Franklin Jelsma
Meghan Jennings
Clare Jett
Alec Johnson and Rachel Grimes
Caitlin Johnson
Katherine Burger Johnson
Shannon Johnson
Isabel Johnston
Gary and Margaret Jolly
Michael Jones
Angela N. Jones
Teresa Jones Baker
Ellen Joyce and Ronald Marstin
Bobbie Juenger
Just Creations Community Shopping Night
Fariba Kanga
Jackie Keating
The Keisler Family
Linda Kelley
Sarah Kelley in honor of Zoe Cardwell-Copenhefer
Arba Kenner
Kentucky Country Day School
Kentucky Justice Association
Stanley Kerrick
Stephen Kertis in honor of Drew Tucker
Sylvia Kessler
Pamela King
Jacqueline Kingsolver
Sally Kinnaird
David and Susan Kinny
Harrison Kirby
Roberta Kirby
Robert Kittendorf
Robert Klein
Barbara Kleine
Jennifer and Christopher Koch
Bridget Kolb
Phillip Kollin
Kirk Kopitzke in memory of Sarah Seely
Steven Kriegshaber in honor of Margot Raicek and Alex Simon
Norah A. Kute
Annie Labedz
Ted Ladewski
Lafayette High School Multicultural Fair
Michael and Mary Ann Lambert
E.F. Larkin
Sue Latta
Kaylee Lauersdorf
Andrew and Michelle Lauterback
Dana Lea
Sheryl Leavell
Susan and Lewis Lebus
Eve Lee
Barbara Lee
David Lee
Gregory Leichty
Lexington Friends Meeting
Lexington Theological Seminary
Abigail Link
Susan Linville
Sydney Litterer
Shelley and Don Lockhart
Sonya Lockhart
Kathy Loeb in honor of David Brown
Karen Long
Bill and Julie Lonneman
Ayna Lorenzo
Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council
Connie and John Loventhal in memory of Sandra Cowan
Jeanette C. Lucas in honor of Dabney Parker
Kayla Lutes
Deborah Lutz
Ashley Lyle in honor of Leo Hasselbacher
Marylou Lynn
Yasmany Machado
Kathleen Madigan in honor of Dr. Carolyn Klinge and Rev. Elizabeth Buckhusen
Doug Magee
Heather Mahoney
Martha and Steven Makela
Elizabeth Malcomb
Janine Malone
Chung Man Lee
Lana Mandzy
David Mangum
Brenda Mannino
Jessica Marcum
Marilyn Jones Memorial Fund*
Anne and Melvin Maron
Melinda Massie
Alice Mathews
Carol Mattingly in honor of Mary Barnes
Greta Mattingly
Will Mattingly
Ellie McBroom
Jennifer McCaffrey
Laurie McCarriston
Richard McChane
Ellen McCoskey
Laura McCrea
Debra McDaniel
Annie McGee
Andrew McIntosh
Ben McMillan
Jim McNeely and Family
Christopher McNeil
Anna McQuere
Kristin Meirose-Rogers
Chanisha’s Mendenhall
Mellow Mushroom Fundraiser
Matt Merkt
Kathryn Mershon
Kurt Metzmeier
Alphonse Meyer
Jennifer Miller
Cynthia Minter
Ashley Mobley
Garrett Moore
Sharron Morgan in honor of Sharon Nesmith
Larisa Mori
Leslie Morris
Shelley Morrison
Tracy Morrison
Glen Mowbray
Dan Moyers and Sarah Smith
Greg Mueller
Linda Muhly
Anncoury Mulloy
Rita Murray
Muslim Youth of Louisville Fundraiser, duPont Manual High School
Lori Mutiso
Gerald Nachtwey on behalf of Jonathan Sikora and Victoria Trout
Alyssa Nadzam
Nate’s Coffee
Janna Neltner
Peter Gianquinta and Shashi Nembang
Elizabeth Nesmith
Sharon and Robert Nesmith
New Voices in Philanthropy in honor of Shelby Allen
Mary R. Nixon
Eric Ngamije
Jeff Noble
Karen Nolan
Katharine Nolan in honor of Dennis Nolan
Patrick and Agnes Noonan
Rebecca Noonan
North Lime Coffee and Donuts Fundraiser, Lexington
Andrew Ortwein
Ellen Oost
Tom and Iddah Otieno
Thomas Pace
Heather Palmer in honor of Tripp and Claire Palmer
Hunter Palmer in honor of Claire Quinn Palmer
Victor Palomino
Ashley and Doug Parker
Sharmari Parker
Tory Parker
Matthew and Laura Parsons
Colleen Payne in honor of Brian Payne
Cate Pearson
Julianne Pease
James Penny
Cherie Perez
Richard J. Perry
Kathi Peterson
Phi Mu Sorority at Transalvanyia University
Barbara Phillips
Nicholas Piacsek
Ben Plume
Angela Poe
Lucy Points
Allan Pollock
Beth Porter
Alejandro Pousa
Aileen Miles Prather
Margaret Prewitt
Francie Prier in honor of Dabney Parker
George Privett
Eric Proctor
Kelly Puckett
Sunisar Punsuchart
Jennifer Recktenwald and Tony Peyton
David Pyle on behalf of Jack Baker
Bethany Rabe
Thomas and Janet Raderer
Lucy Raine
Rachel Rawlings
Katherine Redmond
William Reed
Annie Reese
Jessica Reese
David and Kara Reilly
Richard Reisser
Resurrection Episcopal
Jennifer Reynolds in honor of Chris Woolery
Don Richter
Steve Riggs
Richard Rink
Patricia Mann and Alan Rinker
Robert Ristaneo
Robert, age 7 [Last name unknown] Schuyler Robinson
Gregg Rochman
Joanna Rodes in honor of Dragica Busbaher and Sharon Wright
Curtis Rogers
Maureen Rogg
Joanna Rojas
Audrey Roling
Laura Rolling
Jeanmarie Rouhier
Paul and Meagan Rosen
John and Jean Rosenberg
Daniel Rowland
Karin Rueff in honor of Gina and Tony Rueff
Noel Rueff
Rundell Ernstberger Associates in honor of Angie Andriot
Kathleen and Steve Rungwerth
Jean Sabharwal
Merima Sabic
Rosemary Sackleh
David Salas
Scott Salathe
Kathryn Saltz in honor of Azra Drljevic Lynn
Simone Saloman
Joanna Sames
Helen Satkowski
Jason Sauer
Sandhya Savarala
Aaron Sawyer
Sayre School’s French Honor Society
Susan Scaife Duerkson
Mark and Rose Schaeffer
Kay Schafer
Allie Schenkenfelder
Hope Schiphorst
Rebecca Schlafer in honor of Mary Barnes
Iris Schliefer-Myers
Carly Schnur
James Schrader
Lynn Schrader
Bruce Scott
Jonathan Scott
Jason and Dawn Seamands
Richard Seckel
Barbara Segal
Steve and Martha Seithers
John Selegue
The Sevigny Family Charitable Foundation
Sara Seyal
Ann Shake
Suraya Shalash
Margaret Shanks
Stephanie Shaw
Rachel Shelton
Brett Shepherd
Alynn Sherman
Heend Sheth
Robb and Anna Shrader
Robert Shrader
Claire Simms
Janis Sledge
Charles Smith
Martha Smith
Remington Smith
Jeanine Snyder
Southside Church of Christ
Danielle Spalenka
Chasity Sparks
Colleen Spencer
Susan Spires
Jonathan K. Sprigler
Christopher and Adrienne Sprigler
St. Andrew United Church of Christ Sunday School
St. John Episcopal Church
St. Raphael Episcopal Church
St. Williams Church
Joan Stafford
Jan Stallones
Sherry Stanley
Judith Steer
Doug Stegner
Sharon and David Steinberg in honor of Margot Raicek and Alex Simon
Carl Steinmetz
Susan Stensrud
Autumn Stephen
Kitty Stephens
Garrett Stiglitz
Margaret Stone
Andrew and Shannon Stone Porter
Steven Stratford
Strathmoor Presbyterian Church
Lindsay Strotman
Mary C. Sullivan
Stephen and Rachel Swan II
Katherine Taylor
Maureen Taylor
Temple Adath Israel’s Religious School Students
Elizabeth Thayer
The Temple Young Adult Seder
The Church of St. Michael the Archangel
Dale and Elizabeth Thompson
Darcy Thompson
Mary Thompson
Layna Thrush
Patrick Tierney
Jodie Tingle-Willis
Michael and Ann Tipton
Kremena Todorova
Yoshiya Togami
Maria Torpey
Kristin Townsend
Carla Trivedi
Wendy Trivisono
Lori Trout in honor of Jonathan Sikora and Victoria Trout
Jean Tucker
Nancy Tucker
Anne Turcea
Cindy Turcea in honor of Dr. Anne Turcea
Caryn Turgeon
Lonnie Turner
Madonna Turner
Nicholas Turner
Todd Turner on behalf of John Turner and Sally Connolly
Jane Tyler
Charles and Victoria Ullrich
Linda and Chris Valentine
Christopher Van Dyke
Kathryn Van Ryzin
Diane Vandeveer
Bethany Vanover
Lynn VanWuyckhuyse
Emily Vitale
Rebecca Vitale in honor of Emily Vitale and Ben Dixon
E. Rehm Wachtel
Erin Wade in honor of Dr. Brit Anderson
Laura Wagner
Leon and Helen Wahba
Walden School
Bonnie and Jim Walker
Lynn Walker
Jane Wallace
Rebecca Wallace
Chris Walls
Robert Walsh
Mark Walz
Catherine Ward
Bryan Warren
Susan Warren
Henry & Susan Watson
Travis Watters and Alison Hill
Elena Webb
Robert Stephen Webb
Scott Weber
John Webster
Weightless Float Center
Ellen Weis
Rachel Weiss
Lee and Al Welsh
Patrick and Sheila Welsh
Kimberly Werst
Kelsey Westbrook in honor of Aaron Thomas
Kathryn White
Laurie White
Geoff Whiteman
Maria Whitley
Kate Widman
Kaitlin Willbanks
Wes and Kay Wilkinson
Bronwyn Williams
Tamara Williams
William and Nancy Williamson
Mary Wilson
Shayne Wilson
Tom and Denise Wilson
Wiltshire Pantry
David Wirtschafter
Emma Wolfe
Wollor Wollor
Julius P. Wong
Gabriel Wood
Jeanne Woodberry
Tim and Tracy Woods
Barry Wooley
Steve Worful
Greg Wright
Ruth Wukasch
Nuray Yasayanlar Willins
Stacy Yates
Andrew Yolevich
John Young and Gretchen Hunt
William and Carol Young
Carleton and Zelda Zahn
Jeffrey Zahn
Aimee Zaring
Charles Zehnder
Andrea Zinn

Marilyn Jones Memorial Fund

Marjorie Kohn
Robert Haragan

Jane Larsen-Wigger
Lara Ludwig
Chris Haragan
Barry Bizot, MD, Memorial Fund

Baptist Health Medical Group Medeast
Audrey Bates
Richard B. Bizot, Sr.

Alison Cromer
Arthur and Virginia Cromer
Carol Fairman
Leslie Gildart
Maureen and Gary Kingry
Lewis P. Seiler, Jr.
Louise W. Sledd
Caroline Reid Walker Memorial Fund
Cyndi Allen
Nancy Alspach
Patricia Bass
Barbara Bass
Michael Bowles
Allen Bush
Mary and Biff Campbell
Caroline Coleman
John Davis
Paul Deaton
Charles and Helen Dedman
Charles Dewar
Mike Findley
Mary Forest
Laura Frye-Levine
Guy and Terrell Graves
Ellen Green
Elizabeth Hobson
James Howard
Toby Hyman
John Irvin
Kathryn Lanthier
Janet and Benjamin Miller
Parker Moore
Jennifer Pederson
James and Hensley Peterson
Chelsea Pohl
Helen Powell
Providence Montessori School
Barbara Reid
Jane Carson Richards
Ellen and Roberts
Kelley Schenck
John or Brenda Stanko
Rebecca Steinmetz
Michael and Kimberly Steinmetz
Jett Stewart
Terry Singer Landscaping Fundraiser

Ronald and Michael Atlas
Martha Calderwood
Nancy Dotson
Rachel Howard
Janine Linder

Vicki and Marty Miller
Ann Minch
Pogue Rental Properties, LLC
Priscilla Tillett
Michael Rush
Kathy Schulz
Maryann Scrivener
Judie Sherman
Azra Terzich
Kimberly Williams
First Presbyterian Church Concerts, Lexington

Karion Amburgey
Alan and Jo Anne Barrish
Anonymous Mobile Donors
Michael and Beverly Benton
Ruth Berry
Elizabeth Binford
David and Sara Blake
Douglas and Jennie Brown
Nancy Sue Braun
Daniel and Lenore Breeden
Lance Brunner
Susan Buhrow
Ronald and Susan Byars
Gail Carpenter
James Carpenter
Riley and Patricia Case
Ricky and Holly Coffey
Ann Coker
Eleanor Todd Congleton
Francesca Corsi
David Cupps
Laura Dalzell
Kimberly Damato
Mark Davis
Debra Dawahare
Kathleen DeBoer

Donna and James De Moss
Amy Dougherty
Zoe Drake
First Presbyterian Church
Kathleen Fluhart
Cindy Frase
Nancy Lott Guida
Diana Hallman
Kathryn Dillon and David Hamon
Erin Hathaway
Karen Holm-Hudson
Jerry Helm
Eben and Alice Hollingsworth
Craig Cornwell and Sandra Hough
Esther Hurlburt
Kathlyn Waa Fleming Hurst
Sheila Isaac
Stanley and Judith Johnson
David and Nell Line
Mary Elizabeth Lowe
Paula Lowman
Noemi Lugo
Charles Lutz
Mandel-Anthony Family Trust
William and Janet Marshall
Thomas and Cathy Martin
Clint and Tracy McKinley
Charles and Mary Ann Murray
Andrew and Catherine Perkins
Mark Pittman
Patricia Prewitt
Sallie Prewitt
Ann Render
Patricia Render
Linda Richardson
Jean Sabharwal
Louise Shouse
John Jones and Kathryn Simons
Julie Steffrey
Sword & Broyles Law Offices
Myra Leigh Tobin
Anne Turcea
Alexander and Judi Tzouanakis
Elizabeth Wachtel
Debra Hensley and Melissa Watt
Anthony and Jane Williams
William and Margie Wilson
Facebook Fundraiser Organizers

Thank you to the following supporters who organized Facebook Fundraisers!

Laura Ashley-Carter
Ellen Ayaye
Amanda Baber
Karima Badouan
Garrett Bates
Lisa Jordan Board
Sarah Boling
Alexa Brutscher
Andy Culpeo
Anna ClineRoss
Branka Damjanovic
Lindsey Cottrell Daxie
Morris Doe
Jordyn Eades
Corey Elam
Rachel Elizabeth
Gabbie Epley
Kevin Givon Feder
Meagan Floyd
Audrey Fowler
Susan French
Susan Furlong
Cris Cobb Goodwin
Jen GT
Sarah Rini Gump
Sarah Faith Harris
Meagan Floyd
Susan Furlong
Jessica Hamilton Kamal
Elijah Jacob
Conrad Johnson
Marigny Johnston Bostock
Amy D. Lyons
Clara Maciel
McCall Marshall
Courtney L. Marshall
Racquel Martinez
Katie McBroom
Mary Kipp McDaniel
Haley Meland
Max Morley
Jeremy Morris
Maggie Mae Morris
Christie Mudd
Lucy Paez
Cate Pearson
Veronica Polinedrio
Terri Powell
Madi Pumphrey
Charity Radcliffe
Dylan Raleigh
Matt Reno
Amanda Rentschler
Joanne Rojas
Kim Schaus
Alissa Shoemaker
Sarah Elizabeth Teasdale
Adrienne Godrey Thakur
Christian Trabue
Beth Underwood
Annie Valley
Austin Shea
Katie White
Shaina Lorenne Wilson
Alison Woodson


The list above includes supporters who became KRM Partners between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2018. If you have any corrections, contact Melissa Siegel, Community Engagement and Development Specialist by email or by phone at (502) 479-9180 x 544.

Other ways to give

Give by Mail

If you prefer, you may mail your donation to KRM’s offices. Please make checks payable to Kentucky Refugee Ministries and mail to:

Kentucky Refugee Ministries
969-B Cherokee Rd
Louisville, KY 40204

Kentucky Refugee Ministries – Lexington
1710 Alexandria Drive, Suite 2
Lexington, KY 40504

Amazon Smile

Support KRM when you do your online shopping on Register your Amazon account and select Kentucky Refugee Ministries as the recipient organization. Amazon then donates 0.5% of your eligible purchases to support KRM’s mission.

Kroger Community Rewards

Each time you restock on groceries at Kroger, you can support refugees, too. Enroll your Kroger Plus Card online and select Kentucky Refugee Ministries as the recipient organization. The KRM Lexington office ID number is UW292 and the KRM Louisville office ID number is FF954.

Questions about contributing financially or do you have a fundraiser idea? Please contact us. Thank you!