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Kentucky is a new home for thousands of refugees and immigrants arriving to our state each year. It can be a difficult process to rebuild after refugees leave behind their countries, careers, possessions, and sometimes, their family.

Once KRM receives news from our national partners that we will be welcoming new clients, we set to work. Upon arrival and for up to five years in the United States, KRM offers a variety of services to eligible refugee and immigrant clients. Our services empower refugees to create their new home in Kentucky.

Basic Needs

Services refugees first receive are designed to help them meet their basic needs during their first few months in Kentucky. KRM secures initial housing placements for eligible clients, ensuring they have a warm place to rest their head when they arrive. Whether it’s a 2-bedroom apartment or a 4-bedroom single-family house, rental units must be safe, sanitary, and affordable. Caseworkers assist families with initial applications for documents and IDs and eligible temporary benefit programs for food, cash, and medical support.


Soon after arrival, clients begin participating in English as a Second Language classes to increase their language skills. Job readiness workshops and job development services connect employable adults to their first job in the U.S., ensuring they can support themselves and their family. To nourish the dreams of young adult refugees looking towards their education and careers, KRM helps them navigate the higher education system.


Cultural orientation classes provide new refugees information to help adapt in the United States. To build social support networks, KRM connects refugees to each other and with the wider Kentucky community, often through volunteer activities and cultural events. KRM Arts & Culture programming provides refugee and immigrant artists with the platforms, opportunities and exposure to help forge sustainable artistic careers and visibility, as well as increases access to global arts and culture experiences throughout the entire community. Refugees also receive legal immigration support from KRM to become permanent residents and naturalized United States citizens.

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From volunteering to co-sponsoring a family, there are many ways you can partner with KRM to make Kentucky home for refugees.

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