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Refugees are contributing members of American society. The goal of the U.S. resettlement program is financial self-sufficiency and integration. When refugees arrive to the United States, they are legally allowed to work, and Kentucky benefits from the over 15,000 refugees resettled here through KRM. Skilled and talented refugees include carpenters, doctors, lawyers, engineers, mechanics, laborers, educators, jewelers, and more.


KRM offers the following employment services


World of Work Orientations

Through a series of four orientations, Job Developers assess clients’ work experience, education, and level of English ability. Groups discuss employment expectations and realities, emphasizing workplace etiquette and employee responsibilities.


Job Placement, Applications, and Interviews

Job developers identify suitable employers that fit refugee clients’ skills and abilities. KRM can transport clients to and from a potential job site, arrange interpretation for an interview, help complete applications.



In most cases, newly-arrived refugees depend on public transportation for their first job. KRM helps clients organize their bus schedules and shift times in order to successfully get to work on time.


Orientation and Training

Interpretation services can be provided for initial job orientations and training periods. Condensed job descriptions, safety regulations, and other critical job related material can also be translated, and KRM can help clients complete employment documents such as W-4s and I-9s. Throughout the hiring process, KRM’s job developers can serve as a liaison between the applicant and employer.


Retention Support

Job developers follow up with clients and employers after clients begin their new job. On-site visits can be scheduled to address concerns. KRM is available to help solve problems, ensuring both employers and refugee employees are thrilled with the partnership.


Employer Partners

KRM has over 200 active employer partners. Thank you to the following top employer partners who have hired KRM’s refugee clients:


  • Amazon
  • NHK Precision
  • Walmart
  • 21C Hotel
  • XPO Logistics
  • Hollander
  • JBS Swift
  • Korrect Optical
  • Cardinal Aluminum
  • UPS


    • Crothall at the UK Hospital
    • Integrity Staffing Solutions
    • Amazon
    • Hilton Downtown Hotel
    • Hospitality Staffing Solutions
    • Hydra
    • Krispy Kreme
    • Blue Star Plastics
    • Aramark
    • Marriott Griffin Gate

Learn more about why you should hire a refugee. To contact KRM’s Job Developers, please see the staff page.