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Why You Should Hire a Refugee

In your business, you strive for economic competitiveness, workforce development and diversity, and a healthy local economy. That’s why hiring a refugee could be the right decision for you.

Work Ethic

Refugees bring personal initiative, skills and a strong work ethic to the workplace. Refugees are survivors of great adversity, having lost their homes, personal property and careers. Their need to regain self-sufficiency, their interest in acquiring new skills and their desire to attain economic stability for their families make them excellent prospects for hire at all levels. During 2021-22, KRM clients obtained 683 jobs at an average hourly wage of $17.00. 

Skills and Experience

Refugees have a variety of work experience and skills. Many are well-educated and were professionals and small business owners in their home countries. Others were farmers or traders. Most refugees arrive with many years of work ahead of them, which gives U.S. employers access to well-trained workers who are looking for long-term employment. As of 2023, KRM partners with over 200 employers to place clients in a wide range of positions.

Availability and Retention

Refugees are fully authorized to begin working immediately in the United States by the U.S. Justice Department. Refugees are often willing to take entry level positions in order to quickly enter the workforce and gain financial independence and stability. Employing refugees lowers turnover. KRM clients have 96% probationary period job retention. Their life history demonstrates the ability to overcome difficulties in pursuit of achieving goals. They are committed to doing their jobs well and also committed to their supervisors and coworkers.

Increase Diversity and Global Viability

Refugee workers bring diversity to the workplace and foster global awareness. The ongoing globalization of the world requires more interaction among people from diverse cultures and backgrounds; the presence of refugees therefore positions your company for greater success by providing a much needed global perspective In addition, employer tax credits and training incentives are available in many cases. Most refugees are able to begin paying taxes within their first year in the US. Hiring a refugee not only helps your business but also demonstrates your commitment to building self-sufficiency, strengthening families and promoting active participation of new arrivals to your community. Employing refugees brings both increased creativity and increased marketing opportunities to your company.

Increase Productivity and Streamline Onboarding

We can assist with training and orientation, providing interpretation for the initial training period as well as other specific support as needed such completing new hire paperwork and all necessary employment documentation. And let’s be honest: a few bumps are often discovered along anyone’s employment journey. We’re here to assist with those as well. Our goal is to offer the support needed to make each hire a long term success.

Save Money and Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Incentives

All our services are free of charge, so you can redirect your company’s resources from advertising and staffing agencies to other pursuits. Also, your business could qualify for certain tax credits and training incentives when you employ those receiving public assistance.

You can find contact information for KRM’s Employment team on our staff page.