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For many of the populations resettled through KRM, refugees who are over age 60 are considered elders in their cultures. Refugee elders often face a different set of challenges while adjusting to the culture of the United States.

Although many elders are taken care of by younger family members who are working, they still express a desire for community and support. Elders may struggle with isolation as their children and grandchildren may find it easier to integrate into the mainstream community. Since many refugee elders have not had the opportunity for formal education, they may be illiterate in their native language and find learning English a greater challenge.

To support refugee elders in their transition to the United States, KRM offers a robust Refugee Elder program. Twice a week, refugee elders gather at KRM to participate in the following activities:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and citizenship instruction
  • Gentle fitness exercises
  • Educational and recreational field trips
Jefferson County Services

The Refugee Elder program is currently only in KRM’s main Louisville office. Services are available to all Jefferson County refugees ages 60 and older—not only KRM clients. We invite you to stay connected to the Refugee Elder Program’s on Facebook.

To contact KRM’s Elder Program staff, please see the staff page.