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Your Impact: How Donations Change Lives

Here is what your gift can do for refugees & the community:

Give $25

Provide a welcoming meal for a person’s first night in Kentucky & support a locally-owned ethnic restaurant

Give $50

Ensure someone has transportation to attend English as a Second Language class for one
month & create opportunities for volunteers to engage with students

Give $100

Connect a refugee to work boots or clothing they need to start their first job in the United States & meet an employer’s need for a dedicated worker

Give $250

Offer an orientation in three languages on how to navigate the US healthcare system & promote culturally-competent healthcare among providers

Give $500

Create low-cost legal representation for an immigrant applying to be a U.S. citizen & enrich what it means to be American

Give $1,000

Fund a scholarship to a first-generation college student & diversify academia in Kentucky

Give $2,500

Sponsor one family with three months of initial housing expenses & help make Kentucky home for refugees

Give $5,000

Support cultural showcases of refugee musicians and artists & involve the arts community in welcoming refugees

Give $10,000

Provide job readiness and placement services to 500 adults & help Kentucky meet their workforce development needs across various sectors

Give $25,000

Offer 400 parents and children school orientations & collaborate with teachers to get kids ready for school

Give today and join KRM Partners across the region to protect refugee resettlement in Kentucky.