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The 2023 Blue Grass Community Foundation GoodGiving Challenge is here! GoodGiving is an annual philanthropy event hosted by BGCF to support non-profits working in central Kentucky and KRM Lexington is one of 195 organizations participating this year. Help KRM Lexington celebrate 25 years of refugee resettlement in central Kentucky by donating a multiple of $25, especially on November 30, 1-9pm!

During the challenge, gifts you make through the BGGives portal could be matched or help KRM Lexington qualify for additional prize money. In addition to all the great matches and prizes that are part of GoodGiving, we are also thrilled to announce that a group of generous donors have pledged to match the first $4500 donated to KRM Lexington $1 for $1 until the pool is exhausted. Be among the first in and have your dollar doubled!

Please note: If you have never given during GoodGiving, this is a different online donation form than the one you find here on KRM’s website. Why do we ask you to give this way? Because by donating on the BGCF GoodGiving site,, you help KRM Lexington become eligible for additional bonus and prize money from the event’s sponsors. Every dollar counts!


Any day during the challenge is a good day to give, but with a little strategizing, you can make your gift go even farther. You can even break up your total gift into a couple of smaller donations to really stretch those dollars and help KRM Lexington qualify for matching funds and prizes. We have a more detailed decision guide that will be posted on KRM Lexington social media, but here are some key times to donate:

November 28, 9 PM – 11:59 PM = $1 to $1 match on donations up to $100. Any donation up to $100 each will be doubled.

November 29, 9 AM – 11:59 AM = $1 to $1 match on donations up to $50. Any donation up to $50 each will be doubled.

November 30, 1 PM – 9 PM = If at least 50 unique donors give at least $25 during that time, KRM Lexington could win an extra $2,500-$10,000 for our endowment. Donations of any size during this window (until the match funds are exhausted) are also matched at $0.50 to the dollar, so if you give $100, KRM gets $150.

  • If you want to supercharge your donation of up to $100 today, be sure to make your gift between 4-6pm, the closer to 4pm the better. There is an additional $0.50 per $1 match for the first $2500 in donations during that time frame. $25 could become $50 and help qualify KRM for the endowment challenge. This is an excellent time to give!

December 1, 6 AM – 11:59 PM = Last chance for matching funds: gifts up to $500 are matched at $0.50 per $1 to close out the challenge. Turn $500 into $750!


The portal allows supporters to create their own fundraising pages, set your own fundraising goal, and share this page with your friends and family. Peer fundraising pages are a great way to encourage others to support the causes you care about and make a difference in the lives of refugees and immigrants in central Kentucky.

By making your own fundraising page, you can share help spread the word and raise more support for our work. Here’s how:

  1. Go to KRM Lexington’s GoodGiving profile page
  2. Click the ‘Fundraise’ button beneath our agency name
  3. Set up your fundraiser with your own story about why you care about refugees and immigrants before November 28th at 9am
  4. Share your unique fundraiser link with your friends and family to reach your fundraising goal!

If you’re looking for more detail, read these step-by-step instructions. If you have questions or want assistance, contact Daniela Gamez-Salgado at

Make sure you’re following KRM Lexington on Facebook and Instagram during the challenge to be alerted to other special giving challenges, extra stories and videos from our clients, and more!