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Spotlight on Sound: Q & A with Abraham Mwinda

When did you start playing music?

“I started writing music 7 years ago and taught myself guitar in 2013.”

What inspires you to write?

“I write about interactions with people, real stories, self-expression. Plus, I can’t help it, I have tried to quit, but with no success!”

What do you want your music to inspire?

“Before 2013 I did not know what I wanted to do with music. After I played Raven house in November 2013 (for a KRM fundraiser), I knew I wanted to write stories to inspire and educate.”

What is your favorite thing about being on stage?

“I am myself when I am on stage. I am not afraid. People have told me that I become someone else on stage, but I just feel free there. I love the interaction with the crowd. When they engage, it is really awesome.”

Greatest fear on stage?

“I am always nervous.  Don’t know what to expect. I talk a lot when I am nervous. It is better if I can just stop talking and sing.”

What/who is your favorite song/artist?

“Bob Marley.”

What is your favorite song that you have written?

“Cold World, but I like them all because they have a story. I love watching them evolve.”

Favorite food?

“I like fish.”

Favorite cook?

“My mom.”

Most poignant food memory?

“Not having food. We spent two days without food in Kenya as refugees. The first thing we ate after was the best food I have ever eaten.”

[Top photo: Abraham Mwinda. Photo by Steve Pavey.]

Abraham Mwinda is a Congolese-born, Kenyan-raised singer/songwriter/rapper based in Lexington, Kentucky. To listen to his music and learn more about him, visit his website or his Facebook page. Abraham performed at the KRM Lexington Passport to Flavor fundraiser on June 24, 2016.