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Virtual Event: KRM Live at South Central Regional Library

KRM’s arts and culture programming has stayed engaged with international and local artists this year! Join us for a special virtual event on Saturday, April 24th. That morning, we will share a special video of KRM Live at South Central Regional Library in Louisville. You can access the video any time after April 24th on the KRM Louisville Facebook page.

We look forward to once again gathering together in a local park or venue to exchange culture and stories. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this special experience hosted by the Louisville Free Public Library.

Performances by:

Leng Hlei Sung (vocals, Falam Chin (Burma)) and Blakeley Burger (acoustic guitar, Louisville)

David Lian (youth community leader, Falam Chin from Burma)

KennyFresh (spoken word, Louisville) & Charles Amewudah (percussion and vocals, Ghana)

Leiser Tito Quesada (trombone and vocals, Cuba), Yadira Zequeira Reyes and Maykel Martinez Quesada (dance, Cuba)

Gregory Acker (pipes and flute, Louisville), Luis de León (percussion, Guatemala) & Fernando Moya (pipes and acoustic guitar, Ecuador)

Lewis Washington (vocals, Louisville), Osmany Chauvin Elias (saxophone, Cuba), & Fred Bogert (piano, acoustic guitar, Louisville)

Charles Amewudah (percussion and vocals, Ghana)

Learn more about KRM’s arts and culture program. Services provided through funding support from Louisville Metro Government External Agency Fund and Fund for the Arts.